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2851. Once the Titans were called to a fancy restaurant because someone had reported a spider-monster was attacking. When they got there, Kitten was complaining to a cowering manager and Fang was almost in tears. It turned out that it was their 2-year anniversary and Fang wanted to treat Kitten to a nice dinner by legally making a reservation being fulling intent on paying. The Titans scolded the managers and people who reacted poorly and went as far as to help along and make sure the date was perfect.


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2855. Every Valentines Day, Pantha’s room if filled up to the brim with flowers. Some from fan’s, A lot from Wildebeest, because he loves his mommy, but most are from Mas y Menos and Red Star. Once, the twins accidentally sent Pantha the ‘big bouquet’, that was meant for Starfire, when they were sending flowers to the women Teen Titans. In order not to feel outdone, Red Star sent her even more, bringing the two into a friendly, and funny, competition on who can send Pantha more flowers. Wildebeest always wins at the last minute and Pantha prefers chocolate.


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2856. When Batman died, Robin tried to become the next Batman and tried to leave Starfire and their children. She didn’t let this happen. She followed him all the way to Gotham and found him which prompted a screaming match. Starfire didn’t let up and they eventually became the new bat family. Most of the weaker criminals are stopped by Robin but the stronger ones are stopped by a combination of Robin and Starfire’s starbolts.

2878. A few months after The End took place Raven refused to leave her room without reason. After two weeks of not seeing her, Robin and Cyborg broke her door down only to see several creatures in her room that looked like animals but weren’t. It was only when Beast Boy told them that they were Pokémon and Raven telling them that she was trying out her new powers, which included dimension hopping, did they leave her. Eventually, all of the team got a Pokémon to look after.


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